Le Secret Wines is a small wine order company established in Sydney, Australia in 2012. Our collection is selected with a view to presenting value for money in various price categories, from great everyday drinking wines to high quality wines and collectables. We currently showcase a range of French wines representing several wine regions and styles. We seek out wines that show the unique characteristics of their region, while tending to focus on small, family owned vineyards - secret gems of their regions. We are looking to expand our selection on offer to include Australian and Italian wines - always with the same concept and criteria: top value for money, unique characteristics.

When we find a truly special wine, even an unfinished one, we want to make sure it develops in the way that would best suit our customers tastes. Often we work hand in hand with the winemaker to create a new wine, with a unique grape type combination or aging technique.

We have been working in the wine industry for many years before starting Le Secret Wines in Australia. We love our job - it is our passion. Over the years we have been lucky enough to meet many experts in the field of wine and gastronomy: winemakers, sommeliers, chefs and Maitres Fromager,  and have been able to learn from them firsthand.  We love to share this knowledge with you. By experiencing wines and taste combinations, wine consumption becomes an art, a passion.

For more information, or to place and order, please contact us by email or telephone.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you will enjoy our wines!