Regular deliveries means you will always have the perfect bottle on hand - new discoveries, as well as favorites. And with our hand-picked cheese selections you will be ready to hold a gourmet wine and cheese tasting for your friends. Remember our wines are not available anywhere else!


Love discovering new wines, new regions and new Secrets? With our regular deliveries, you will always have the perfect bottle on hand, and something new to try. We have created three Collections to meet every budget and taste. Our collections will include your known favourites, as well as new discoveries!


You can choose to have your wine collections delivered with the perfect cheeses to match!With complete tasting notes covering interesting information about the wines, regions, cellaring and serving suggestions, you will be ready to hold your own Le Secret Tasting. We will handpick the finest cheeses to match your wines, and explain to you how to serve them.


To show our appreciation for becoming our regular customer, we offer you our wines at the best possible price - a 30% discount from the regular price - for the wines in our collections...and all our other wines as well. By ordering one or more of our regular deliveries you become a Member of our Secret club - ensuring you our lowest prices on all your orders.

Sign up to receive a regular delivery of a case of wine every three months.  Choose the collection to suit your taste and budget.


Fantastic wines that offer the best value. This collection will showcase the favorites of our own imports, and present to you regular new discoveries from Australia and overseas. Special wines that will show you new tastes and dimensions.

 Regular Price:  $ 414        Member's Price: $ 279 / 3 months         case of 12 - 2 bottles of 6 varieties


The most exceptional wines from our collection. Each wine is a celebration of the land and winemaker’s work. The wines come from the best parcels and vintages. This selection will suit all great moments and will please everyone who has a taste for top quality.

Regular Price:   $ 769       Member's Price: $ 537 / 3 months          case of 12 - 2 bottles of 6 varieties


If you love Champagne as much as we do, this is the collection for you!  6 bottles of our finest sparkling and champagnes, along with tasting notes, and if you wish, an exceptional taste experience with our handpicked cheese selection.

Regular Price:  $ 434       Member's Price $ 338/ 3 months             case of 6


With each collection we propose handpicked, top quality, artisanal cheeses to match the

wines in the case. 

The cheeses will be selected according to season and maturation.

3 cheese selection:  $ 49

5 cheese selection:  $ 79