There are several ways you and your friend can enjoy a Le Secret Night…choose one of our tastings, or contact us to create a personalised event!

“Les Amis”  Wine and Cheese

A selections of 5 wines, white and red,  with selected cheeses (or in certain cases antipasti, prosciutto) to match each wine. The wines will be selected according to season, weather, occasion, and to best suit the available cheeses that are in perfect maturation.  The wines presented will include 1 sparkling wine.

$50  / person

✶ order a minimum of 12 bottles and your tasting is on us!


“Le Château” wine and Cheese

A sparkling wine and antipasti as a welcome, followed by a showcase of 5 wines for tasting, with selected cheeses to pair with each wine. The Le Château tasting is comprised of  6 high quality and grand cru wines from the top areas of France. Our sommelier will match each wine with the most complimentary artisanal cheese of the season.  The tasting range will also include 1 Champagne AOC.

$65   / person

✶ order a minimum of 12 bottles and your tasting is on us!

“Champagne Extravaganza”

This tasting is specially designed for the champagne lovers!  A lineup of 3 champagnes with matching '"tapas" style dishes will be presented. Each dish will be paired to match its accompanying champagne, ranging from seafood, fruit and cheese.

$100   / person
✶ order a minimum of 12 bottles and your tasting is on us!

“Le Gourmet” Personalized Wine Event

We can create a personalized wine event for you, ranging from fine wine and cheese matching to a 5 course meal prepared by our own Chef-Sommelier.

Contact us to set up a personal consultation.

The price of the tasting is calculated for groups of 10.

Our gift to the host is the price of the tasting - valid for 2 people.

For 10 people 1 bottle of each wine will be opened - this permits each person to enjoy a suitable amount for tasting of each wine, the equivalent of 3 - 4 glass of wine in total.

Additional wines may be requested by the group to be tasted, offered at the case price.

The cost of the tasting is free upon ordering a minimum of 12 bottles from the wines tasted