You have tasted the wines, participated in wine dinners and learned about the wine making and history. The next step, the ultimate wine experience is to visit the wine regions!  At le Secret Wines we specialize  in the wine regions of France and Italy. After over 15 years of exploring these regions we feel confident we can show you the true essence of these beautiful regions.

After such a long time  in the wine business, we have a great relationship with many of our wine producing partners, some large with world-famous names, other small family vineyards, and thus can offer a unique experience that goes beyond the public tasting rooms. You will have the opportunity to taste wines and vintages often unavailable, even for purchase.

We are also familiar with the best hotels and restaurants of the regions, coming from our personal experience and relations. If you wish we will take you to experience some famous, top rated establishments, but we will also take you to the local favorites - which we prefer - to know the real taste of the regions.

Our tours focus on wine culture, and are recommended for those who enjoy tasting wines and diverse gastronomy and have a desire to meet the people involved in creating food and wine. The tours are completely tailor-made for, and we will consult with you to create exactly the itinerary you desire. We will discuss not only the time and budget you have available, but what you would like to see and taste during your visit.

We would be delighted to be your guides on and unforgettable tour of French and Italian wine regions! Contact us by email or telephone to discuss the details.