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HUNGARY like its capital Budapest - once two cities, Buda on the right bank and Pest on the left bank - are bisected by the Danube River. At the centre of an alluvial basin of what millions of years ago was the Pannonian sea, the country is mostly flat with a continental climate, an agricultural breadbasket people has been drawn to and often clashed in the past over its fertile conditions. Organised viticulture in the lands that became Hungary dates back more than two thousand years. The tribes responsible for developing the local wine culture were deeply influenced by traditions brought from Central Asia, Roman practices, and advanced methods from Western Europe. Ancient cultivars from the East that adapted best to the region’s diverse, often volcanic soils are partly why Hungarian wines are so distinctive.

BIRO TOKAJ aims to produce Elegant, Harmonious and Terroir focused wines

On the 8ha vineyard a team of local experts ensures the authenticity and quality of the wines. Viticulture is overseen by János Kubus, a veteran of Tokaj soils and grapes, with a knowledge of the land that dates back generations. Similarly, János Arvay, the winemaker for BIRO is one of the most respected winemakers of the region, his knowledge and experience also passed on through generations. His daughter Angelika continues the legacy, overseeing the production of BIRO wines. Bíró János, a medical doctor, acknowledged in the field of research and development, supervises the quality. Tamás Harangozó, experienced in international wine sales and production, guides the style of BIRO TOKAJ wines.


Dish: Its medium body make it very pairable with numerous dishes. Excellent with Seafood or white meat. Sheep milk cheese would match as well.


Vine Age: 40 years                                                                Yield: 35hl/ha                                                                      Vintage: 2015                                                                          Varietal: 100% FURMINT                                                    Alcohol: 12.5%