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HUNGARY like its capital Budapest - once two cities, Buda on the right bank and Pest on the left bank - are bisected by the Danube River. At the centre of an alluvial basin of what millions of years ago was the Pannonian sea, the country is mostly flat with a continental climate, an agricultural breadbasket people has been drawn to and often clashed in the past over its fertile conditions. Organised viticulture in the lands that became Hungary dates back more than two thousand years. The tribes responsible for developing the local wine culture were deeply influenced by traditions brought from Central Asia, Roman practices, and advanced methods from Western Europe. Ancient cultivars from the East that adapted best to the region’s diverse, often volcanic soils are partly why Hungarian wines are so distinctive.

BIRO TOKAJ aims to produce elegant, harmonious and terroir focused wines


So Sweet is made of the 2 dominating grapes in the TOKAJ region: FURMINT and HÁRSLEVELŰ. The eruptions from subaquatic volcanoes of ancient times make this terroir exceptionally rich. The handpicked harvest in October gives a naturally sweet wine, while the unique characteristics of the terroir add minerality for a harmonious balance.  It refreshes your palate so well that you will want to finish the bottle yourself.

A fantastic aperitif. A must with crème brûlée, or the Hungarian “túrós rétes” (cottage cheese strudel) and also excellent with blue cheese. 

Natural residual sugar: 66g/L, tartaric acid: /7.94, 375ml


Dish: It's delicate sweetness and acidity will refresh your palate so well. Pair with numerous dishes, from spicy asian to delicate crème brûlée or white chocolate mousse and peach.  Try with blue Saint-Agur.


Vine Age: 40 years                                                                          Yield: 25hl/ha                                                                                    Vintage: 2016                                                                                    Varietal: Furmint, Hárslevelű                                                        Alcohol: 12.5%