Restaurant Jules Verne Wines for the Degustation Menu

Wine and food matching is an art. It takes knowledge and experience in in both the wine world and in gastronomy and taste. Not only the basics of grape varieties and tastes must be known but also the nuances in vintage, the differences in intensity of the same wine from year to year, as well as at which stage of maturity a certain wine is at in the moment of degustation.  The same wine from the same vintage will taste considerably differently at 1 year old and at 10 years old.  This is the essence of the work of a sommelier. He or she must also be experienced in cuisine, and understand how taste compliment each other. The wine and food must work in harmony, neither overbearing the other.The subtleties of the surroundings should also be taken into consideration, the season, temperature, time of day, the location, the occasion, the budget and the consumers themselves, their tastes and level of experience in wines.

For the dinner at the Jules Verne restaurant in Paris, Thomas chose a champagne to start. With the 20,000 lights sparkling on the iconic tower, champagne toast was a must! The wine list was  focused on Burgundy. The whites pure Chardonnay, and the reds Pinot Noir. The white Condrieu comes from northern Rhone is an expressive wine from Viognier grape type.  The desert wine, Muscat the Frontignan, is a uniquely made sticky from the Mediterranean coast of France. It is available from us in Australia, read more about it here.

Champagne Mailly Intemporelle 2007 - Grand Cru

Chablis Les Clos 2010 

Puligny-Montrachet Les Nosroyes 2010 - Premier Cru

Domaine Faure 2011 Condrieu

Pommard Chaponnieres 2006  - Premier Cru

Grands Echézeaux 2009 - Grand Cru

Muscat de Frontignan - a desert wine available from Le Secret Wines

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